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Dr. Alexander- This is the first time in my life that I am really happy with the appearance of my teeth. I feel like my smile is perfect! Words cannot express my gratitude.

Lisa McArthur

Dr. Alexander: You are truly the Michaelangelo of restorative dentistry. Your attention to detail has restored my teeth to perfection, and I can now smile with confidence. Your staff has gone above and beyond to accommodate me with insurance details, appointment scheduling, courtesy calls and chairside patience and expertise. You and your staff completely eliminated the stress of hours of treatment and turned each appointment into a positive experience. Dr. Alexander, you are truly a master of your craft and words can't express my gratitude. Sincerely,
Cathie Bontio

You can count yourself lucky if Dr. Alexander will take you under his care. My dental health is no longer an issue. Dr. Alexander is not only extraordinarily skilled and competent, but also courteous and attentive to the finest details. He clearly enjoys getting the job done to perfection, both functional and esthetic. Everybody in his office is a pleasure to work with. For the last decade, I have been happy to go see my dentist!
Professor Giuseppe Moscarini

Dr. Alexander - There are not enough superlatives to describe the outstanding dental care you and your "A" Team have provided to our family over the last two + decades!! At each and every visit you hold yourself to he most exacting standards and settle for nothing less than perfect results. Thank you from three generations of the Reynolds Family - they think you are THE BEST and we could not agree more.
S.M. Reynolds

I consider myself privileged to have Dr. Alexander care for my dental needs. It has been over a quarter of a century of skilled and competent treatment with extraordinary results. I appreciate his pursuit of perfection particularly when it comes to my teeth. Moreover, I enjoy listening to his contemplations on the quest of discovering the optimal solution to my case. I am proud to have recommended Dr. Alexander to friends and colleagues over the years. By the way, the staff is also exceptional.
Manuel C. Carreiro, Ph.D.

Dr. Alexander,

A few lines to you and your staff to let you know how much I appreciate your patience and your talent to use the latest technology to restore my set of teeth to perfection and to bring back my good health. May everyone be blessed.

Sincerely thanks,

Anonymous Oct. 2007

Dear Dr. Alexander,
This thank you is very overdue, none the less it comes from a most sincere heart. It was a long and often arduous path we traveled but in the end you gave me a smile that I wanted for most of my 76 years! Thank you Jerry for the rest of my years. Big hug to you and your staff.

My wife Barbara and I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Alexander as our dentist for over ten years. He is an excellent dentist and has a dedicated and experienced staff. In addition to routine dental work, Dr Alexander is an artist. He is exceptionally skilled with restoration and crown work and always takes time to do his work carefully and beautifully. Dr. Alexander always employs the latest technology, equipment and techniques. We have routine cleanings and check-ups and are always impressed with the professionalism of the staff – their attention to detail and comfort as well as their skills. We have never had difficulty in getting a convenient appointment and have also had ready care in emergency situations. We highly recommend Dr. Alexander and his staff.
John F. Hurley, PhD., P.E.
Barbara Hurley

Dear Dr. Alexander,

Next month I’m going to a conference. To help participants to put names with faces, the organizers will post our photos on a large bulletin board. For the first time, as I went about selecting a picture to send, I wasn’t distracted by the old cap on my front tooth, the one that always made me cringe because it stood out in photographs. Now when I look, I just see ordinary teeth; I lose track of which one is capped. I’ve been admiring my new look for months now and realized it was time to let you know how much your work has improved my experiences of everyday life. I’m glad you insisted on getting it just right. Your skill and thoughtful attention supported by your friendly, caring staff made what could have been an ordeal, a pleasant, straight forward experience. Thank you all!

Best Regards,
Dr. S

Dear Dr. Alexander,

Your compassion and consideration are beyond anything I can relate in words. You are a unique man – professionally and as a human being. Many thanks for your kindness to my wife.
Dr. Stanley Richheimer

We use Dr. Gerald Alexander at 129 York St., New Haven. His phone number is 203-782-0677. He is extremely talented as a dentist, doing really beautiful work and also very thorough and perfectionistic. In addition, recently our daughter at college had a dental emergency and he was extraordinarily helpful and available to us in dealing with the problem. He worked hard to find her a good local dentist and oral surgeon, communicated with them digitally {exchanging records and x-rays} and even gave our daughter his cell phone number so she could reach him after hours if she needed to contact him. I highly recommend him!
Renee’ Chotiner

Dear Jerry,

Thanks so much for your hard work. Only a dentist treating a dentist can appreciate the dedication and “tension” necessary to do your best. Have a great 2004.

Best Regards.
Dr. J

I have been a patient of Dr. Alexander for more than a decade as has my husband and son. During that time, Dr. Alexander has provided all of us with consistently outstanding dental care. He is meticulous, both in his assessments of our dental health and in all of his follow up care. Furthermore, he is kind and thoughtful and has been extremely accommodating with special medical circumstances requiring last minute dental appointments. We are most fortunate to have Dr. Alexander as our dentist.
Miriam DiMaio

After 27 wonderful years with Dr. Alexander, I would like to inform you that as of January 1, 2013, I am now fully retired. I want to say that my feelings have not changed as to what type of dentist Dr. Alexander is ; dedicated, conscientious, hard working, and ethical. Patients inform him or the staff all the time, how happy they are with his workmanship. My three crowns on my anterior teeth speak for themselves. Please choose Dr. Gerald Alexander, D.M.D. as your General / Cosmetic / Reconstructive and Implant dentist. You may be writing a "Testimonial" also.

My husband and I have been in Dr. Alexander’s care for our cosmetic and general dentistry needs for over twenty years. We have been highly satisfied with the care we have received and would strongly recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Lisa Panzini, M.D.


We are so grateful for your being so available and helpful in solving our son Peter’s dental emergencies thru the years. You’ve been there from coast to coast.

Dr. Bob and Ellen

Dear Dr. Alexander

Thanks so much for taking the time and making the effort to work out a more fair payment from the insurance company. I’m so happy with how my tooth looks - It’s so reassuring to know that I have a top-notch dentist who not only does great work but is also willing to respond to an emergency. You make me smile!

Candace McGovern

Dear Dr. Alexander

Thank you for the outstanding composite restoration of my top four front teeth, which had gotten badly chipped and eroded over the years. The improvement in looks is astonishing. The color match turned out so well that I can’t see the difference between the composite repairs and my natural teeth; and I can’t tell the difference in any other way either. There is also a noticeable improvement in eating, for example, with apples or corn and even with some sandwiches. All the best to you and your family for 2008.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas E. Stolper